Top Female destinations in Nepal

Travelling is a luxury activity and comes with its bells and whistles. International travellers are increasing post covid. For any traveller, it is of absolute essence to know if the destination is safe enough or not. And this question is sadly more relevant for girls compared to boys. If you are a female and planning a Nepal holiday, we are happy to inform you Nepal is one of the safest nations for female travellers. So, you can come to Nepal and go for any adventure activities. And for making things easier, we have also compiled the best of the list for top female destinations in Nepal here in this blog.

Some women-specific information in Nepal travel are:

How safe is transportation in Nepal for females?

If you are a solo female traveller, you can take a tourist bus for intercity transfer which is perfectly safe. It is usual for people to look at you once, but there is no unwanted attention. If you have opted to travel booking private, this option is also completely safe.

Public transportation has always been the place where locals get harassed physically. So, take a bus where possible, and if you have to travel in a local minibus, then be extra careful.

For any intercity travel, you will have your specific seats. If you are travelling standing, try saving standing next to family groups or other females.

If you are not comfortable inside the vehicle, you can ask to switch seat seats with the next person. Local cars travelling from one city to another sometimes get delayed due to traffic and other unforeseen situations like landslides and accidents. And if no one understands the language, stress levels for female travellers can rise. In local buses, toilet break happens when there is no toilet. So, in this case, follow other local women.

How safe is a taxi for solo females in Nepal?

Nepalese taxi drivers are humble, and there are very few instances where the taxi driver harasses the passenger.

If you are not feeling comfortable with the taxi driver, then you can ask him to stop telling you that there has been a change in the plan. If you want to be cautious, you can post complaints by texting 4321. The format is taxi taxi_taxi number, which is usually used to ask for more than the meter amount. But, you can also use this service for posting other kinds of complaints.

If you are drunk, then it is in your best interest to ask the hotel to pick you up.

Theft, Female Specific

As you are female, you are very unlikely to be looted. But if this happens, then please get in touch with the police. And the number for tourist police is 1144(hotline)

Natural disasters in Nepal. How to cope as a female tourist?

In any emergency, you might have to live under the naked sky, wondering about the stars. You must be extra careful if anyone wants to take advantage of you. However, these cases are not heard of. During these emergencies, hygiene routine is not an actual priority.

How are foreign female travellers perceived in Nepal?

In Nepal, women are respected as mothers and even goddesses. However, perception toward females also comes from culture, caste and ethnic group.

Some caste systems are way more conservative than others, leaving significantly less freedom to females in the home. Ladies pack dance bars and clubs in city areas, but these sites are only visible in city areas.

So, you will be respected just like locals. Please ensure that you dress according to the place you are visiting. It is best to dress, covering all body parts well so that you won’t have unwanted staring at you.

Why am I being stared at?

Especially in those areas where people are not familiar with unfamiliar faces, it is natural for them to stare at you. At first glance, you might feel uneasy. But there is nothing to feel uncomfortable about.

The eyes staring at you wants to find the answer to your nationality, where you are staying and what you are doing in their place. Other than that, you will be made feel welcome.

What not to wear in Nepal?

Avoid see-through clothing or any cloth revealing too much of your skin.

  • Just dress usually; nothing to worry about.
  • Please avoid shorts. But you can wear long shorts.
  • If you wish to wear a strapless or skimpy t-shirt, keep that for nightclubs and parties.
  • Do not forget to wear your bra.

So, with all this information on travelling to Nepal for women, you now need the best trekking destination for female travellers in Nepal.

Trekking is a lifetime experience, and trekking in Nepal is a different feeling altogether. There are some precautions one should take as a female traveller. But with the assistance of a professional guide, everything becomes more accessible, safe and comfortable.

Here are ten Nepal destinations that are safe for solo female travellers.

  1. Everest Base Camp
  2. Annapurna Base Camp
  3. Dolpo
  4. Manaslu
  5. Upper Mustang
  6. Langtang
  7. Mohare Danda
  8. Poon Hill
  9. Helambu
  10. Mardi Himal

Everest Base Camp trek

The base Camp trek is one popular trek destination not only in Nepal but in the whole world. The EBC trek is breathtaking, and we guarantee you will love every second of this trek. Peculiar culture, humble people and stunning scenery will keep you overwhelmed and warm even in chilling weather. This whole trek experience is a roller coaster experience altogether, but each second is worth the time and effort you put together. As a female traveller, please take all sanitary products with you as you might need them on this long trek. Base Camp trek to Everest is definitely one of the top female destinations in Nepal.

Top Female destinations in Nepal
Sign showing way to Mt.Everest Base Camp in the Himalayan mountain range in Nepal

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

For all female travellers, another fantastic destination one much reach is, of course, Annapurna Base Camp. ABC Trek when compared to any other trek in Nepal. Annapurna Base Camp Trek is short and more accessible than other high-altitude trekking. Suppose you have chosen to do this trek during spring. In that case, you are lucky as you behold crystal clear sky and open view of the mountainous range, including Annapurna, Himchuli, Machhapucchre and Dhaulagiri. All excellent red rhododendron serves your exotic experience.

Locals will help keep you safe and comfortable if you encounter any problems. And Annapurna Base Camp is easily one of the safest treks for all females in the world. If you wish to have an authentic wilderness experience, you can even trek to Nar Phu Valley, which lies north of the Annapurna range.

Top Female destinations in Nepal
A wide view shot of a tourist visiting Annapurna Base Camp

Dolpo Trek

Dolpo renders one of the most peculiar trek experiences among many hidden gems of Nepal. Dolpo lies in between Dhaulagiri & Tibetan Plateau in northwestern Nepal. Dolpo is remote & is full of rugged trails. The Dolpo region trek is an ideal destination for all wishing to learn authentic Tibetan culture. There are not much of people living here. However, you will get a warm welcome from the locals. But bear in mind that this trek is not an easy one as there are rugged trails. All this hardship sways away as villages here standing sharing majestic natural settings in mind settling. And even if you are a female traveller, there is nothing to worry about. One can choose from various destinations in Nepal and out of these many options, Trekking to Dolpo is also among the top Female destinations in Nepal.

Top Female destinations in Nepal
Scenic Panorama in Dolpo region of Nepal

Manaslu Trek

The trailhead to Manaslu is close to Kathmandu, and the Manaslu trek is also one of the longest trekking trails in Nepal if you are looking for a remote wilderness experience which is beautiful and unique.

You don’t need to pack heavy as tea houses are available for this trek. Manaslu trek is safe for female travellers, but this is one challenging trek for any.

Top Female destinations in Nepal
Gigantic Manslu shot taken from Lho village

Upper Mustang Trek

Mustang in Nepal is a popular, enticing destination in Nepal. Mustang was once a hidden kingdom ruled by its king. The views one can savour during this Upper Mustang trek are out of this world. Regular encounters with Buddhist culture are shared as you take your steps forward. Buddhists are common inhabitants here in Mustang, and there are inns and other tea houses for your accommodation needs.

You are even allowed to enter different monasteries where you can all seek inner peace. Mustang is one of the safest places to trek for all female travellers out there, and you can visit other nearby destinations, our Lower Dolpo & Lower Mustang. If you want to explore another top female destination in Nepal, then you should definitely do Upper Mustang Trek of Tripura Travelcations.

Top Female destinations in Nepal
The village, Upper Mustang, Nepal

Langtang Trek

Langtang in the Nepalese trekking scene is one of the easiest treks in Nepal, and this trek is one of the most beautiful trekking experiences in the world. If you wish to trek beautiful terrains, want to see majestic mountains, are female and have less time on hand, then Langtang is ideal for you.

As in any remote region of Nepal, you will be warmly welcome here in Langtang. Tamang people are natives of Langtang valley and will welcome you with arms wide open. Please feel free to explore the fantastic culture of Tamangs. If you happen to travel here during festive times, you get to see more of the traditional performances of the Tamang people. Accommodation and meals are very little of concern during your Langtang trek.

Top Female destinations in Nepal
Sunset at Langtang valley in central Himalaya Nepal

Mohare Danda

Mohare Danda(Hill) lies just at the foothills of Annapurna Base Camp. This trek route is new and is more prevalent among seasoned trekkers. If you are not willing to do a lengthy multi-day trek, then the Mohare Danda trek is one ideal option. Mohare Danda trek renders some stunning views of Mt. Annapurna and Mt. Dhaulagiri.

During this trek, you can freely explore nearby hills, flora, fauna, food, local culture and even wildlife. Mohare Danda Trek is also among the safest destination for any female travellers. You will find plenty of tea houses in Mohare Danda trek, so your meals & accommodation are well taken care of.


Poonhill is one of the most famous hill stations in the world, and this is because of all the fantastic views one can see standing in Poonhill. This trek is safe for female travellers and is definitely among the top Nepal destinations for females. This trek is short, but there are many things to explore.

During your trek, you can explore all the fantastic villages known as Ghandruk. There are plenty of tea houses and guest houses for a comfortable night’s sleep. So, you will feel secure naturally. Please make memories in this fantastic Poonhil trek.

Helambu trek

Helambu is just 72 kilometres from the capital Kathmandu which lies within Langtang National Park. Even though the Helambu trek is near, this route is less crowdy. Helambu takes pride in its offering of all beautiful flora and fauna, and this trek is more comfortable and accessible than other strenuous treks in Nepal. Similarly, Helambu is quite a popular destination for Buddhist monasteries and Gompas. Most of the locals here in this region are Buddhist.

All locals are friendly and happy to assist you in any situation. Most importantly, Helambu is easily one of the safe trek destinations for female travellers as well.

Beautiful mountain range of Helambu in Nepal at sunrise

Mardi Himal

Mardi trek is one mildly challenging trek in the Annapurna region. Mardi Himal trek, when compared to other treks, is less known. But, Mardi as a trekking destination is getting more popular.

People usually combine this Mardi Himal with other destinations, including Poonhill and Annapurna Base Camp. Mardi Trek has its trekking route. For any trekkers and especially for female travellers, there are plenty of tea houses for safety and comfort. You are all free to explore food and nearby region during this amazing trek to Mardi. Mardi is a relatively new trek route and also has made it to our top ten list of top female destinations in Nepal.

There are other destinations where the female traveller can feel completely safe. It is okay to travel solo, but remember that there is some destination in Nepal where you cannot travel solo. Besides travelling solo, you can book a guide and travel with them, which will help you a long way. You won’t feel out of place, will get all information on various unique sites and will ensure that you feel safe even in emergencies.

Travelling to complete different destinations comes with its challenges. But when locals are friendly and welcoming, you don’t need to worry, even in emergencies. So, come to experience Nepal now.

Mardi Himal trek in winters with Macchapucchre and Annapunra range of Himalayan

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