Tripura Travelcations (P) Ltd is a Nepalese trekking company that the Nepalese government licenses. We provide the highest quality service and adhere to the “zero compromises” quality motto throughout our tour and adventure operations. With the assistance of all Nepalese tourism pioneers, we are in the market to give back to the community and create a new dimension in the Nepalese tourism scene. The whole point of working in the tourism industry in Nepal is to provide excellent service to establish and maintain a favourable business connection with you.

Before booking any tour or experience with Tripura Travelcations Pvt. Ltd., please read our terms and conditions carefully.


All trips require that you be in excellent health and physically fit. Before embarking on any journey, trek, or adventure, Tripura Travelcations advises that you check your health.


Travelling in Nepal, especially climbing at high altitudes, requires international travel insurance. Guests should be covered by flight cancellation insurance because weather conditions might be unpredictable. Please double-check that your insurance covers domestic and international flight cancellation, high-altitude helicopter rescue, and loss or theft of personal belongings. Flight cancellations are expected in hilly airport locations like Lukla, Jomsom, Dolpo, etc.

  1. To finalize the trip, we, Tripura Travelcations, request a US$ 30 per cent deposit per person via bank, money transfer, or credit card. Once you reach Kathmandu, we will collect the complete payment.
  2. For treks requiring a domestic flight, you must pay 30% of the total booking amount to us three months before your travel date. Similarly, you must pay 30-40% of the total cost of your Tripura Travelcations vacation to confirm your reservation.
  3. For India

To confirm a reservation on behalf of the destination mentioned above, a 50% deposit of the total trip cost is necessary. You can pay in full after you get to Kathmandu. We will email you the invoice, and upon your arrival, we will hand over a hard copy of the invoice to you.

Note; You can make the final payment in US dollars or Nepalese rupees. However, we strongly advise you to pay in US$, which is widely accepted worldwide. We also advise against using credit cards because they add a 4.5% fee to the total transaction.