Top Attractions of Ghandruk

Nepal is all that you don’t see in pictures. Nepal is a wholesome experience that can only be felt and is impossible via images. A wholesome, satisfying thing of Nepal as each encounter is entirely fresh. Moreover, there are three major climatic zones in Nepal: alpine in the Himalayas, Semi Sub Tropical in the Hills and tropical climate in the Terai region. Tourists from around the globe love to trek the mountains from different regions, namely Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Dolpo and more. And for most go-to choice is usually Annapurna and Everest. Annapurna region is famous for its stunning landscapes, some highest mountains, Buddhist culture and warm hospitality. At the same time, Everest has its bells and whistles. There are, of course, many inspiring reasons to be in Everest Base Camp Trek, a dream trek for any. Ghandruk Poonhill Trek is one popular trek activity in Annapurna region.

Annapurna region trek allures any into its delightful setting. There are green hills, the world’s deepest Kaligandaki gorge, hills full of blooming rhododendron, rivers and staggering snowy mountains to accompany you through the trek.

Ghandruk Poonhill Trek
Stone Paved Stairs on Ghandruk

Must visit place in Annapurna Region

  1. Muktinath Temple
  2. Tilicho Lake
  3. Thorong La
  4. Annapurna Conservation Area
  5. Tilicho Peak
  6. Gangapurna Lake
  7. Shree Kharka
  8. Khatung Kang
  9. Yakawakang
  10. Pokhara
  11. Manang
  12. Ghandruk
  13. Poonhill
  14. Nar- Phu Valley
  15. Lo Monthang
  16. Khopra Ridge
  17. Panchase Hill

There is fascination and style in the Annapurna region. Pokhara is all charming and busy with daily chores and tourism business with amazing lakes to savour. Muktinath Temple is one powerful shrine where the sect of Lord Bishnu is worshipped. Poon hill is one of the best hill stations on this planet to get overwhelmed with the stunning natural magnificence of the highest mountains in the world. Ghandruk is one of the most beautiful villages in the world again.

Tripura Travelcations on this blog provides some information on the best attractions of Ghandruk Poonhill Trek. The route is awe-inspiring; the villages you encounter are unique, and the people are all friendly. So, please feel welcome to come and do for yourself the Ghandruk Poonhil Trek.

Ghandruk is a fantastic village of Gurung natives lying at 2010m. The peculiar town of Ghandruk serves its guest with spectacles of Mt. Annapurna(8091m) and Mt. Macchhapucchre(6993m).

Following are the top attractions of Ghandruk Poonhill Trek:

  1. The Trek Itself
  2. Poonhill
  3. Experience Ghandruk on Jeep
  4. Hike for natural hot spring to Jhinu Danda
  5. Komrong Danda Hike
  6. Homestay like nowhere else
  7. Gurung culture, dance and icing on the cake, Gurung Museum
  8. Taste Local Rakshi (Alcohol)

The Trek Itself

Ghandruk Poonhill Trek is one rewarding where you get to soak in natural bliss made up of high mountains, with greener hills, pasture land, rivers and forest land in the foreground. The major attraction of this trek is the Poonhill(3210m) itself. On this Ghandruk Poonhill Trek of Tripura Travelcations, you will experience that too, doing a medium level of trekking once in a lifetime.  You breathe all fresh and enjoy fantastic hospitality during the trek. Highlighting the tour is all breathtaking scenery of snowy mountains like Dhaulagiri, Annapurna I, Annapurna South, Annapurna II, III, IV, Gangapurna, Lamjung Himal, Barashikhar, Nilgiri, Tukuche Peak, Hiunchuli and Manaslu.

You get up early and hike to Poonhill to catch a scenic sunrise view over the mountains. The experience is just majestic. Nepalese are warm and welcoming in nature and more in the mountains as people wait for you more up there. The trek is easy, can be completed in 6 Nights 7 Days, and covers a total distance of approximately 45 km.

Looking Down into Ghandruk, Nepal
Looking Down into Ghandruk, Nepal

Poonhill- The excellent viewpoint for satisfying Himalayan Scenery

Poonhill(3210m) is one famous hill for indulging in a serene experience with an eye-opening view of mountains, including Mt. Dhaulagiri(8167m), Annapurna I (8091m), Annapurna South(7219m), Macchapucchre(6993m), Hiunchuli(6441m), Dhaulagiri II(7751m) and other major peaks. The short trek from Ghorepani to Poonhill starts very early morning to catch that fantastic golden sunrise over snowy mountains. If you are going in the winter or relative chill season, you can see snow here in Poonhill. Anyway, the view from Poonhill is all satisfying to the fullest.

People Looking for Sunrise at Himalayas from Poonhill
People Looking for Sunrise at Himalayas from Poonhill

Experience Ghandruk on Jeep and trek to Poonhill

If you want to reach Ghandruk and are short on time,   you can invite that extra luxury all for yourself by hiring a Jeep to Ghandruk. The smooth jeep ride adds an overall feeling of adventure for your entire trip.  The latest thing is that road is linked to Ghandruk, and we only operate a 4WD Jeep to Ghandruk. This whole experience of going to Ghandruk on Jeep is luxurious and thrilling at the same time. Luxury because you are in an AC vehicle and exciting as you drive on rough terrains of Hills. You can also go for local buses to Ghandruk from Pokhara, but this option is uncomfortable.

Ghandruk Jeep Ride takes you to Ghandruk; it is just that you don’t need to trek. You can even travel to other places in the Annapurna region from Ghandruk, including Poonhill, Annapurna Base Camp and more. Ghandruk Jeep ride is an easy option to kick start your trekking journey to other gems of the Annapurna region. Moreover, Ghandruk Jeep Ride is the most effortless and safe way to reach Ghandruk as flying is difficult and expensive, and trekking takes more time.

Ghandruk Poonhill Trek
Sunrise in Himalayan

Hike for natural hot spring to Jhinu Danda

Hot Spring that is too natural is all believed to heal skin-related disease and make you feel refreshed. The natural healing process is scarce, but here in Nepal, there are a number but few. Ghandruk is at 1950m altitude, and Jhinu Danda is at 1780m. This hike from Ghandruk to Jhinu Danda is 4-5 hours, accompanied by a rural mountainous setting. You can relieve yourself and heal your cells by dipping in this Jhinu natural hot spring. Most trekkers rest here for a hot natural spring bath at the end of their hike. So, you hike for limited hours, take a dip, rest and relax.

A little ridgetop community called Jhinu Danda is well known for its hot springs. The hot springs are about 20 minutes downstream along the Modi if you feel like taking a soak. The rhododendron forest makes for a lovely stroll, and if you’re on your way down, the hot spring will soothe your aching muscles. However, the location is closed from June to July due to the monsoon. No skinny dipping, either. A popular lunch location for visitors from Landruk is Jhinu Danda.

Jhinu Hot Spring Nepal
Jhinu Hot Spring Nepal

Komrong Danda Hike

The trail from Ghandruk to Komrong ridge is slowly up, and the whole hike can be completed in just 4-5 hours. As you hike from Ghandruk to Komrong, you see the fantastic natural setting of hills, snowy mountains and rivers. Along with this natural magnificence, the cultural scene is also beautiful as you see old traditional slated houses turned into homestays and locals engaged in their daily activities. You might come across donkeys and mules carrying items back and forth. This is a common site for trekkers. From Komrong, you can behold amazing views of mountains in the Annapurna range. The hike is moderate as you will be hiking from an altitude of 2012m to Komrong Danda at 2220m above sea level.

If you are in Ghandruk, you must do this short hike to Komrong Danda(Ridge).

Homestay like nowhere else

Ghandruk knows very well how to welcome its guest and that hospitality with the magical touch of Gurung natives is just wholesome. Nepalese are humble by nature, and this grows more up in the mountains as their livelihood on you visiting the place or not. Every second home in Ghandruk welcomes you to stay and have a meal. Thus every home is a homestay for any tourists coming to Ghandruk.

However, all homestay in Ghandruk is not a complete Homestay experience. You get rooms with two single beds and even a double bedroom with an attached bathroom. Family members cook food, and you share a common dining area for your meal. Family members cook food. There is a nice choice in the meal section during your homestay accommodation in Ghandruk.

But with the sense of receiving an authentic homestay experience, you can enjoy organic Dal, Bhat & Tarkari, steamed rice, pulse soup and veg curries. However, you can choose Indian, Continental, Himalayan and other food. Try Tibetan bread, organic food and other items. The icing on the cake is of course warm hospitality of Gurung natives.

Homes are traditional and native, adding more to the overall authentic experience in Ghandruk. Come and soak in all beauty of Ghandruk Homestay, as this is one top attraction of the Ghandruk Poonhill trek.

Ghandruk Poonhill Trek
Nepali Dal Bhat, Traditional Nepalese Food

Gurung culture, dance and icing on the cake, Gurung Museum

Gurungs are not just welcoming and hospitable but, like most natives in Nepal, are deep-rooted in their culture and traditions. You can enjoy Gurung bread here in Ghandruk. Other major attractions of Ghandruk include Gurung dance and, of course, the famous Gurung Museum. Kauda and Chutka are some dance forms of the Gurung community.

Gurung community are famous for fighting battles with all braveness. Gurungs come from the Gurkha family and has been serving in different forces worldwide. Besides the brave history of Gurungs, they are simple and welcoming.

Gurung Museum is a tiny one but full of different items from the past and present. The museum is informative, and locals will happily share all information on the items in the Museum.  The entrance fee of the Museum is Nrs. 100, and this is all worthy as you see an excellent display of traditional crafts, basketry, woodwork, and metal work.

Ghandruk Poonhill trek is one of the wholesome treks in the Annapurna region in this trek. The beauty of Gurung culture, traditions, festivals and dance forms adds more value to your entire experience in this part of the world.

Taste Local Rakshi

A millet-made locally distilled beverage is Rakshi. Rakshi is an alcoholic beverage primarily taken in the Himalayas to cope with chilling temperatures. So, as a tourist, taste some local rakshi here in Ghandruk. They are strong, with an alcoholic percentage higher than 45%. If you are not feeling well, the rakshi shouldn’t be your choice of drink. But, if everything is fine and you like getting that local alcoholic kick, please try them.

Rakshi are usually available in every homestay here in Ghandruk. Locals consume rakshi without water or soda. So, believe in your guts and taste them. You can dilute them with soda or water if you feel they are strong.

Local Rakshi will hit you as it is not your regular alcoholic friend, and you don’t know what to expect.

Besides those listed here, there is plenty of attraction in and around Ghandruk. Please come and do the Ghandruk Poonhill trek to learn more about Ghandruk and Poonhill.

Fun Facts of Ghandruk Poonhill Trek

  • You will be served delicious homemade bread in every tea house.
  • Wake up to eye-opening golden sunrise over the mountains.
  • Get some kick with a local millet-made distilled beverage locally known as Rakshi.
  • Engage and experience in all interesting talks with ever welcoming locals
  • Get an insight into vibrant Gurung culture, dance, art forms and even locally preserved Gurung Museum
  • Involve in overwhelming feeling standing in Poon hill beholding some majestic snowy mountains.
  • Satisfy your palate with a balanced diet of Nepali food, Dal, Bhat and Tarkari, steamed rice, pulse soup and mixed curries, both veg and non-veg a choice.
  • Most importantly, this is a non-pseudo experience in one of the most impressive villages in the world.

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