Top adventure in Pokhara

There are several places in Nepal that promise to keep you spellbound. And in this array of choices, Pokhara stands proud and peculiar in both natural and artificial offerings. There is some lovely vibe to Pokhara promising to allure any. The city of Pokhara is the second most populous city in Nepal. The heavenly city of Pokhara is 200 kilometres from Kathmandu. Pokhara is just not rich in nature and artificial builds, but this city is equally adventurous. There is romance in Pokhara, and we assure you will love Pokhara. There are a lot of things to do in Pokhara. See our list of best adventure activity in Pokhara

If you don’t want to explore Pokhara on foot, there is the option of flying for a bird’s eye view of the entire Pokhara and beyond. Paragliding experience of

Best Must See Places Beyond Pokhara

  • Ghandruk
  • Poonhill
  • Bandipur
  • Tansen
  • Ghurunkha
  • Sirubari
  • Ghale Gaun

Most do activities in Pokhara

  • Paragliding
  • Zip Flyer
  • Mountain Biking
  • Ultralight Flight
  • Trekking in Pokhara
  • Hand Gliding
  • Seti River Rafting
  • Canyoning
  • Kayaking
  • Sky Diving
  • Paramotoring
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding
  • Australian Base Camp Trek
  • Bike Rental
  • Ghandruk Trek via Landruk
  • Sightseeing Tour to Gorkha, Bandipur and Pokhara
  • Hiking around Pokhara

The list goes on and on with a rich choice of activities in Pokhara. Please check out the top ten best adventure activity in Pokhara


The paragliding experience in Pokhara is rich and undoubtedly one of the best paragliding in the world. Pokhara is well known for its sceneries, and what’s the best way to explore Pokhara if not flying in the paraglider? Paragliding is thrilling and more in Pokhara as you take the flight from Sarangkot and is likely to change. The view you behold is just unimaginably satisfying. You will see high mountainous range on one side and all amazing lakes on the other. View makes you spell bound, giving you andrealine rush and breathless scenery at the same time.

All glider lands just beside the lake making an awesome wholesome time. Paragliding is easily one the most popular things to do in Pokhara.

Total Duration- 25 Minutes approx..

Level of Difficulty- Easy

Price – Begins from Nrs.7500 ( Season)

Zip Flyer, best adventure activity in Pokhara

Zip Flyer that too in Pokhara is one of the rush giving adventure in entire world. Pokhara Zip Flyer is the tallest, longest and steepest zip line with length made with total length of 1.8 km. The zip incline is of 56 degree with vertical drop of 600m. The flight is thrilling as the speed is 120km per hour. You will be over lush green forest,  green vegetation and in front will be welcoming staggering snowy mountains of the Himalayas.

The ride will be one of the most adventurous one in your life. And Pokhara Zip Flyer is among the best adventure activity in Pokhara

Total Duration- 01 Hours

Level of Difficulty- Easy

Price  – Starts from Nrs. 9600

Mountain Biking

Wait no more, pack your bags and come for mountain biking here in Pokhara.  Enjoy magnificent setting listening bike roars that too in foot hills of Himalayas. All stunning sunrise and sunset experience is even more rewarding and wholesome.

During Pokhara mountain bike adventure, you will see and explore trails which is not seen before. You can even start to bike from Kathmandu to add more adventure to your already amazing mountain biking in Pokhara.

Time to visit- February and April

Level of Difficulty- Moderate for regular off road riders and moderately hard for irregular riders.

Best adventure activity in Pokhara
Best adventure activity in Pokhara

Ultra-Light Flight,

You will be flying in an ultralight aircraft through clouds, enjoying a fulfilling bird’s eye view of Pokhara valley. As you scan through the clouds, some amazing picturesque view of mountains like Annapunra, Macchapucchre, Manaslu and Dhaulagiri unfolds in front of you.

Beautiful view of green meadows, lush valley, thick forest, old fashioned villages of Nepal is all promises in this wholesome ultra-light flight in Pokhara. All this with serene beholding of alluring Phewa Lake is all tasty treat to your eyes. Ultra- Light flight is sure once in a lifetime experience to any and you surely cherish the moment for lifetime.

Level of Difficulty- Easy

Total duration- 15 Minutes to 90 Minutes,this depends on the package you chose

Price- Starts from Nrs 13000

Trekking experience in Pokhara

Trekking around Pokhara is exciting and thrilling must things to do in Pokhara. For any hiking lovers, Pokhara is paradise as this beautiful city is the gateway to almighty. Trekking in Pokhara is majestic and is best combination of adventure and eye wide opening view of awe inspiring sceneries. All this amazing trek experience is perfectly accompanied by rich flora and fauna adding more wholesomeness to already perfect trek experience.

As you set your foot in the lap of himlayas through mountainous foothill, you will reach all amazing villages like Ghorepani, Ulleri, Tadapani, Poonhill, and Chhomrong. There are plenty of trek you can start from Pokhara and some of them are:

  • Annapunra Circuit Trek
  • Annapunra Base Camp Trek
  • Ponnhill Trek
  • Mardi Base Camp Trek
  • Panchase Trek
  • Manaslu Circuit Trek
  • Khayer Lake Trek

For best trek experience, time between March and June, October and November is ideal as you will served with clear sky and dry setting.

Level of Difficulty- High. Depending on trek routes you opt for. You need to be physically fit in order for fulfilling trek experience.

Hand Gliding, Best adventure activity in Pokhara

If you want to ride the plane by all yourself,  then lucky you as Pokhara has option of Hand Gliding. The experience is all thrilling as you will be your own pilot. This is a beautiful opportunity to savor all serene mountainous view and lakes as a bird. What’s sure is if you have opted for Hand Gliding in Pokhara, then you are likely to see some hidden sites as well.

The flight takes off from Sarangkot for all hand gliding flights. As the flight takes off, all alluring view of temples, mountains, monasteries unfolds all surrounded with greenery and mountains on far side.

Level of Difficulty- Hard, for safe regular flight, weather is crucial. Your experience is all helpful and professionals suggest that hand gliding is more about altitude than skill sets in the air.

Best Time for Hand Gliding in Pokhara- November and December

Price- Starts from Nrs. 9500/-

Seti River Rafting

Seti is one of fine and beautiful rivers in Nepal. The river is white water and is also one of the warm water rivers in Nepal. Rafting on its own is thrilling adventure and river rafting in Seti is in whole different level. The excitement during all rafting experience never fades away.

During rafting experience, with every turn, mind settling beauty of valley circumcising the river unfolds hyping wholer raft experience. The ride is sometimes bumpy and is smooth sailing sometimes. The highs and lows, both part is equally enthralling. Seti River rafting is easily one of the best things to do in Pokhara.

Level of Difficulty- Easy to Moderate

Time Duration- 90 Minutes

Price- Begins from Nrs. 6000


If are you willing to add more adventure to your bucket list, then, Canyoning in Pokhara is not the activity to be missed.  Canyoning is some challenging adventure rendering some magnificent adventure in Pokhara. This amazing activity can be experienced in Ghalel Village, just 01 hours away from Pokhara city centre. You will climb down a canyon while plunging stream of water, making thing more challenging.

You get wet with rich into the wilderness experience and this  wholesome experience surrounded by virgin forest land.

Considering the difficulty, this whole activity of Canyoning is carried out by well trained and experienced staff, which are here to ensure your safety and will confront in your fear of height and water.

Kayaking experience in Pokhara

The list of best adventure activities in Pokhara never ends. Pokhara is beautiful city and Kayaking experience in this serene land is all affluent experience. You will Kayak in scenic and warm Seti River. There is this all positive vibration in Pokhara, lush green valley, alluring waterfalls, stunning hills, suspension bridge and white sandy beach in amazing white water Seti river.

Thrill you get during this Kayaking in Pokhara, Seti river is all wholesome. As you Kayak, you see various bird species, rendering some rich bird watching experience. The whole experience is just awesome in beautiful lap of nature.

Level of Difficulty – Easy to Moderate

Duration of activity- 90 Minutes

Price- Starts  from Nrs.8000/-

Sky Diving

Sky Diving experience is a different level of adventure altogether. For sky dive, you need to make a jump from the height of 13,000 feet and this jump takes place in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Nepal. Skydiving rewards all adrenaline rush you so desire. Sky diving makes your heart beat faster and at the same time, you fly above the clouds and fall into more beautiful setting of nature.

This whole experience is captured in Go Pro, so that you can hear your scream and refresh your memories anytime you desire. The drop zone for Pokhara sky diving experience is Pame Lauruk, which is big grassland, encircled by hills. This drop spot is just 11km north from magical Phewa lake.

Level of Difficulty- Hard

Best adventure activity in Pokhara

Bike Rental

There is plenty of option to explore the nice city of Pokhara. If you don’t want to explore Pokhara on foot and don’t want guided tours, then renting a bike is the best option. You will be riding through unwinding roads and at the same time would be beholding some setting both natural and artificial. Book Muktinath, Upper Mustang Mountain biking from Pokhara. You can ride in and around Pokhara in the mountain bike. If you rent a mountain bike, you can explore different places in Pokhara and other hidden places in Pokhara.

Price range- Rs 1000 – Rs 2000 per day per cycle

Level of Difficulty- Hard, as Nepali roads are not easy to drive on.

Best time for Biking in Pokhara – December to February

Best adventure activity in Pokhara

Bungee Jumping, Best adventure activity in Pokhara

If you will to take your adventure to a complete different level, then book Bungy jumping in Pokhara. You can do Bungee Jumping in Hemja. The jump is 75 meter vertical jump with 03 second free fall. Furthermore, this wholesome Bungee experience is all accompanied by alluring view of Himalayas. But, for the best view, weather should not be foggy. is also the option of tandem bungee jump, where two people can make a jump together.

Site of the activity- Hemja, Pokhara

Timings- 09 AM- 05 PM

Elevation- 75 Meters

Restriction of weight- 35 kg t0 125kg

Restriction of Age- 13 Years ( Minimum)

So, there are plenty of adventure  activity to do in Pokhara. You can choose what you desire and just let Tripura Travelcations know what you like the most.

Best adventure activity in Pokhara

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