The summit of the world, ‘Mt.Everest,’ sits at a remarkable elevation of 8848.86m. It stands tall and ideal above the clouds and is a once-in-a-lifetime sight. Everest is the highest spot on the planet where you can walk. However, due to many challenges such as time constraints and health concerns, it is not suitable for everyone worldwide. As a result, helicopter excursions are the most effective way to experience Mt. Everest and its vast ranges. Mount Everest base camp helicopter tour offers a few magnificent views that should overlook. 

These magnificent mountains will remain in your head till your last breath. You will have a necessary breakfast in the lap of the Himalayas, which is surprising in and of itself. A Scenic Mount Everest Helicopter Tour provides breathtaking and unimaginable views of the Himalayas and mountains. Exploring the Everest Region and getting closer to the world’s most famous peak Everest for Breakfast, is one of the best accessible options for those who require more than just a fantastic opportunity for a long and challenging excursion in the Everest Region.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Landing Program 

Phase 1

Early in the morning, you will get ready will be brought to the Kathmandu airport, and you will fulfil all of your requirements there before boarding the flight.

The helicopter then flies over the city’s different monuments and arrives in Lukla after 35-40 minutes. While you take a break, your chopper will be refuelling. Make sure you don’t go too far from the airport because the helicopter will only be in Lukla for around 10 minutes. The Himalayan adventure then continues to Kala Patthar, the ultimate destination. The helicopter ride takes you above Namche Bazaar and Tengboche. 

Phase 2

The helicopter flies above Dingboche and Gorak Shep landmarks. The remoteness and other attractions of the Sagarmatha National Park can be seen. Travellers can see the region’s unique and diverse natural flora and animals. From a distance, these diversities are still quite an adventure. The gigantic Everest, Lhotse, and Nuptse mountains are a sight of beauty.

After reaching the Kala Pathar viewpoint, you will have a fantastic, enlightening experience. The helicopter will spend around half an hour at the Kala Pathar. Allow yourself some time to explore the area because you will get a glimpse of the spectacular Himalayan vista. The most spectacular viewpoint for viewing Mount Everest and other magnificent Himalayan landscapes is Kala Pathar.

From Kaala Patthar, you’ll obtain the best photos and enjoy a breathtaking view. Kala Patthar is 5,550 meters above sea level, and the journey to Kalapatthar is difficult as it passes over mountainous terrain. On the other hand, this helicopter trip will whisk you away to this stunning location in no time. You can see mountains like Pumori Nuptse much closer from this vantage point.

Phase 4

From Kala Pathar, we’ll fly to the Everest View hotel. A fantastic site to rest and have breakfast. There are a few spectacular overlooks in the Everest region, and the Everest View Hotel is one of the greatest. This gorgeously placed hotel in Syanboche takes around 12 minutes to reach.

During your journey, the Everest View Hotel serves a delicious breakfast. As a result, throughout the helicopter tour, you will be able to fill your tummy with delectable cuisine. We’ll then travel across the region’s stunning landscapes and take in the spectacular Himalayan scenery.

The Everest View Hotel is notable since it is one of the highest elevation hotels in the world. Breakfast can be shared with other travellers while enjoying breathtaking views of the gleaming Himalayas. You can enjoy your food in the peaceful surroundings of the region, which is a memorable experience for all visitors.

Phase 5

Nepal’s Everest base camp helicopter tour continues to Lukla, the final destination. The region’s scenery is breathtaking, and you’ll fly over the stunning view of Sagarmatha National Park.

This National Park covers 1148 square kilometres and has over 118 kinds of rare and endangered flora and wildlife. We’ll make a pit stop in Lukla to refuel the helicopter. For a short period, you can rest and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings.

Phase 6

Finally, you’ll fly back from Kathmandu, passing over some of the region’s most magnificent landscapes, including Jiri and Nagarkot. It takes another 40 minutes to get to your destination, a total distance of 136 kilometres. Another advantage is that you will fly above various landmarks.

You will see the spectacular snow-capped mountains last time during your journey. Our team will transfer you to your hotel once you arrive at your destination in Kathmandu. You are free to have your meal and relax, and you can then travel to your destination from there.

Mt Everest helicopter tour highlights:  

  • The trip from Kathmandu to Lukla is thrilling.
  • Views of the world’s tallest peak, lakes, and glaciers from above
  • Pictures of the green hills with magnificent rhododendron and pine trees are breathtaking.
  • At 5,555 meters, Kala Patthar offers the most incredible view of the Everest region.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking views of the world’s highest peaks, including Mt. Everest (8,848 meters), Mt. Ama Dablam (6,856 meters), Mt. Nuptse (7,861 meters), and Mt. Pumori (7,861 meters) (7,165 m)
  • Aerial image of the Khumbu Glacier, one of the tallest in the world.
  • A breathtaking panorama of the Khumbu Valley
  • At Everest View Hotel, savour a delectable supper.
  • A brief look at traditional Sherpa culture and way of life in high mountainous terrain.

Safety Notes for Everest View Helicopter Tour 

There are certain essential things to note about Everest Helicopter Flight Tour safety and regulations and the trip in general. Depending on the weather and other factors, the number of sites we visit and our landing spots (such as the Everest View Hotel) may fluctuate. Both our client’s and our crew’s safety are our top priorities. As a result, our experienced pilots will decide which is the best qualified to make this judgment.

We will strive to include all of the essential sights and landmarks on our Helicopter Flight to Everest Base Camp, giving you as much time as possible to explore the spectacular beauty and culture of the region.

Other crucial considerations to keep in mind throughout the helicopter trip are as follows: 

  • Maintain constant visual contact with your pilot.
  • Check that you’re wearing your seatbelt correctly.
  • Leave your designated seat only when the pilot indicates it is safe.
  • In helicopters, weight distribution is critical. Therefore we’ll aim to arrange seats correctly. Please don’t move from your allotted seat.
  • No smoking is permitted unless the captain has given permission.

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