Everest Base Camp Trek, Everything you need to know

Everest resembles pride in one sense or another. As the world is familiar with Everest’s sheer beauty and height, it is natural to talk, feel, and imagine Everest as a dream and remember dreams come true. If there is something blissful, happy and always beautiful, it is nature. In terms of rich natural offerings, Everest takes the cake as the most fantastic place in its whole existence.  And Everest Base Camp 2022 is your natural choice to see and experience ever lasting beauty of Mt. Everest and its setting.

Namche Bazaar, Everest Base Camp 2022

Why Everest is Special?

For first-timers in Nepal, Everest seems near, accessible as you will find plenty of ways to fulfil that dream of viewing the world’s tallest mountain, Mt. Everest. Everest Base Camp 2022 Trek is what most travelers prefer as each step to Everest feels wholesome and refreshing. Every second during your journey, Everest calls you, and you tell your heart, I am coming to see you.

Thousands of natural and artificial wonderlands are everywhere, but there is something special about Everest. The setting, stories and memories made on Everest get a special place in your heart.

Experience of Camping at the bottom of Mt Everest is what you chase for in your journey to Mt. Everest. The whole trip is a complete sensational feeling on its own. Still, lengthy day treks, bed & foods that you missed, and all that discomfort sway away as you behold the world’s highest peak, the Mt. Everest, from the base of Everest at an altitude of 5600m above the sea level.

Once in a lifetime journey is Everest and Mt Everest Base Camp is in Sagarmatha National Park. Climbing Mt. Everest is still a mammoth task because of its physical and financial requirements. So, anyone with pleasant physical and mental health can reach the base of Everest.

Trekking, hardship, memories and stories

Everything you see every day tells stories to you, your eyes and your heart. So, there lies no question about you creating stories with different natural and artificial settings during your trek to Everest Base Camp 2022. Silver lined snowy world’s highest mountains welcome you with arms wide open as they see your hardship to get to the base camp. With all the fantastic company of mountains and their setting, different stupas, colourful flickering prayer flags, and people praying to nature, you realise how deep and significant religious value and practice are to the Himalayas people.

Generally, trekking is not easy, and trekking to camp 2 Everest is different. As you move each step forward during the EBC trek, you will be playing fights with thin cold air, unpredictable weather fluctuations, and your whole body adapting quickly to changing weather conditions.

Mount Everest Camps are charming and have their decor and garlands, but what mostly highlights the trek to Everest Base Camp is Kala Patthar at 5,644m rendering a magical holy grail view of the most extraordinary highest proudest mountains of mother nature in this part of the world. But remember, a clear sky is helpful for the stunningly beautiful view of mountains.

Please read on more to get a comprehensive idea of Everest Base Camp  2022Trek with information on what to pack, the best time to go, EBC tours and more. Please remember that this blog only talks about getting to South Base Camp in Nepal.

Mt. Everest

What should I Expect on Everest?

Mt Everest Base Camp Trek is a complete experience involving overnight stays in lodges or teahouses in different villages along the trail. Multi-day trekking to Everest is sometimes limited to a few hours, whereas on some days, this trek demands more stamina and time to get to an overnight stay in villages. The total hike for the day is well planned by Tripura Travelcations, depending on the total altitude gain of the day and other weather conditions. During the trek to savour the sleeping beauty of Mt. Everest, you will sometimes pus hard to reach villages higher up. And no matter how high these villages are, you will be gaining a maximum of 500 meters in a day during the trek.

Once you leave the green lands of hills and trees, lodges meet your basic needful and even deliver extra amenities to make you feel at home. Rooms during the trek are not heated, but all mountain lodges have this standard room heated by yak-burning stoves. Hikers and trekkers gather in this standard room to socialize and warm themselves during mealtime. Toilets are shared and usually located outside in snowy conditions.

Namche Bazaar and its stories

Namche Bazaar(3440m) is not the new name for the tourism fraternity and travelers. Bazaar is different, full of facilities, has a restaurant serving international delicacies and is the last fully civilized stop during the Everest Nepal base camp trek. Trekkers in Namche can relish delicious treats from a German bakery while you watch documentaries. If you require last-minute gear, souvenirs, cash, or anything, Namche Bazaar serves your wants and demands. You can even hit “highest Irish Pub in the world” after rerouting the same path while returning from wholesome Everest Base Camps.

Everest Base Camp 2022

What’s the best time to reach the bottom of Mount Everest?

Trekking in Nepal is typically best when done either in Spring (March to May) or in Fall (September to November). The Spring season is best to indulge in the captivating beauty of Mt. Everest and other accompanying peaks. We even get to see plenty of climbers, support teams and filmmakers during springtime. Peak climbing season during Spring usually starts in late April and lasts till early May. During this period, Nepal is most busy with travelers from around the globe.

If you are not a big fan of the mass of people in the serene land of Everest, then you can camp 2 Everest during September and October. During this time, an excellent hiking experience with less daylight is what you get.

It is best not to go camping on Everest during the monsoon season in summer. Humidity reduces the visibility of beautiful mountains at lower elevations, and at high altitudes, snowfall makes it tediously hard to trek.

What is the best option, either booking a tour or going independently?

There are three options for doing this amazing Everest Base Camp 2022 Trek.

  • You can book a group tour and leave all logistics to us.
  • You can trek to Everest Base Camp independently.
  • Land in Nepal and hire and guide or porter for the EBC trek

You can choose any way to accomplish Everest Base Camp Trek, but remember to spend one extra day in Namche Bazaar. The additional time you spend on Namche at 3,440m helps you acclimatise well and prepare you for a higher altitude, and this will reduce the overall risk of altitude sickness later. This extra day in Namche don’t go in vain as Namche serves its visitors with astonishing views and amenities that make you feel at home.

Base Camp, Everest 2022

Base Camp Mount Everest Tours

Trekking is not cheap as overall cost increases in the mountains as everything has to be transported via air or road(mules, yaks). Out of the three options available, booking the whole tour beforehand and leaving everything to us is the most ideal and expensive method. Tripura Travelcations handles all logistics with utmost care so that you can have the experience of a lifetime during Mt Everest Base Camp Trek. As you book a trekking package with us, we ensure a smooth trek experience.

In the comfort of your home, you can book this Everest Base Camp 2022 trek if time permits. Early booking reduces all hassles, and you will receive warm welcome here in Kathmandu and will be looked after well.

Independent Trekking to Mount Everest Camps

First, it is necessary to understand that Independent trekking does not mean solo trekking. Solo trekking in the Himalayas is dangerous, as mountains are unpredictable. Slippery terrains and no one to help you are scary to read, let alone experience it in the Himalayas inland full of snow. And weather is unpredictable, adding more to the difficulty already there.

If you are travelling independently, then you can save some by joining organized tours or following the way to meet up with other trekkers that you meet on the way. You will see trekkers either going up or down during the season in lodges. So, join the group that matches your energy, fitness level and enthusiasm.

Risk and Opportunities of travelling independently

Independency in the mountains has its pleasure but does come with some risk. You are responsible for making all decisions in the mountains and taking care of yourself simultaneously. There is a pleasant and positive side, too, as you are free, have your own pace, and make body adjustments based on the acclimatization requirements of your body. Most deaths in the mountains occur because of Acute Mountain Sickness(AMS), so physical fitness with a superior oxygen level to keep up with thin air is what you need most to conquer some of the most strenuous mountain trails.

Suppose you have decided to go without a guide. In that case, it is very advisable to carry the trekking map to quickly find the route to the ultimate destination where the sleeping beauty of Mt. Everest awaits you. Before you leave for the Everest Base trek 2022, please pack the needed items and reject anything that you won’t need in the mountains in hotels/lodges in Kathmandu. Please feel to shop around Thamel for duffel bags and padlocks. There is also an option to hire all needed gear from the tourism capital, Thamel.

Everest Base Camp 2022

Guides and Porters Hiring

Carrying the same weight at home and carrying that backpack in the mountains at a high altitude with thin air is different altogether. You suggest that more independent trekkers hire local guides and porters to conquer challenging trails to Everest easily. Direct hiring from guides and porters directly impacts the daily lives of these lads. The average pay margin for a porter is between $15 & $20 a day and $25 to $30 for a guide.

Tipping Guide and Porter are welcomed after the trip as mountain people work hard to see the smile on the faces of travellers like you. If you are paying for a guide and porter, make sure that finalized rate covers their meals, drinks and accommodation, so they don’t have to ask for extra money later.

What’s the cost to Trek to Everest Base Camp?

Everest Base Camp Trek 2022 Cost depends upon the necessity of your comfort. However, keep in mind that the price of everything goes up as elevation rises. A candy bar costing you 50 cents is $7 up in 5182m above sea level.

During your trek to the base of Everest, basic accommodation in teahouse/lodges will cost you as low as $5. It is the cost of food and other logistics that is higher. Nice Nepali meal set of boiled rice, soup pulses, mix veggies cost you $8 or less. Your prepared psychology during the trek should follow the basic rule of cost and its overhead in these rough terrains and prepare to pay accordingly. If you are savouring western food, it is natural to pay extra. Can of coke costs up to $7 or less in these mountains.

Lukla Airport, Everest Base Camp 2022

My Extra Cost

If you want to add more luxury to your tour, the cost you pay increases because of additional logistics. A warm shower can cost up to $6. If you have run out of battery, charging your electronic friend will cost extra bucks. In this part of the world,  solar-powered electricity generators charges electronic device, thus increasing costs. The average spend of the day is between $40 to $ 50 depending on your choice of spending on food, accommodation and other extra snacks, drinks, etc. This price mentioned here is not rigid, and remember, you pay high in higher altitudes. This price doesn’t include guide and porter charges.

In any travel-related activities, transportation costs are higher. So, this is the case for base camp Everest treks. Your high expense is for 30 minutes short flight to Lukla from Kathmandu, costing around $180 to $200 per head.

Are there any special permits required for the Everest Base Camp trek 2022?

You will require at least two permits to trek to the highest elevation to reach EBC. Tripura Travelcations includes all trek permits and just everything in the package. But if you are trekking without booking from any trekking agency, you need to manage all these trekking permits.

  • Permit for the Sagarmatha National Park (about $25) can be obtained at the Nepal Tourism Board headquarters in Kathmandu.
  • The Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality Permit (about $17) can be obtained at a checkpoint in Lukla; it is not accessible in Kathmandu.
  • Gaurishankar Conservation Area Permit: If you’re doing the lengthier hike to Everest Base Camp from Jiri instead of flying to Lukla (about $17), you’ll need this permit from the Tourism Board.

In 2018, the permission system was altered. Any information you hear online regarding a TIMS card required for the Everest Base Camp trip is incorrect.

Mt. Everest from Kalapatthar

What to Pack for trekking to Everest?

Thamel, the touristic capital in Kathmandu, meets all expectations on the choice of gears, ATMs and even guides to sufficiently prepare for the trek ahead. But be aware that shops are full of counterfeit items leaving you confused and at risk during the tour. A proper equipment selection adds overall value to you and makes your trek wholesome. Bargaining is natural in Nepal’s market, and finding the original one is tricky.

Guided trek to Everest Base of Tripura leaves you tension free as we refer to the best of the place to get your gears. On the other hand, you include everything in our package if you want to pay extra bucks for gears.

Please check out the list of general items required for the Everest Base Camp Trek 2022;

Boots that are suitable for hiking

Before leaving home, invest in high-quality, waterproof hiking boots and carefully break them in; unpleasant blisters can mar an otherwise excellent hike.

A sleeping bag that is not too heavy

The rooms along the way are not heated. Lodges supply thick blankets for the cold nights, but you’ll appreciate having another layer between you and the dirty bedding. Even a “sleep sheet” made of lightweight silk will suffice.

Alternate Footwear

After removing your muddy hiking boots, a pair of light shoes or sandals will come in handy for walking around lodges and using public toilets.

Purification of water

As elevation rises, bottled water costs rise, as does the need to limit plastic waste. To combat dehydration caused by the dry air, you’ll need to drink more than ever.

Although numerous possibilities exist, the Aquamira two-bottle chlorine dioxide system is a solid choice.


Candy bars and nuts provide a much-needed energy and morale boost, whether on the trail or in the lodge.

USB Power Bank

It’s challenging to keep batteries charged in the bitter cold. You’ll need a robust power bank if you plan to use your phone for images or communication.

Diamox tablets

Diamox (acetazolamide) pills are used to treat AMS’s severe effects. Guides should have some on hand, but independent hikers should purchase Diamox to bring with them. In Kathmandu, be wary of phoney tablets for sale. Only buy from genuine pharmacies, not shops, and talk about utilising them.

If you aren’t returning home with your poles and other gear after the trek, give it to the Sherpas you encounter in Lukla.


Getting to Everest Base Camp

First, you fly to Tribhuvan International Airport (Kathmandu), settle in a hotel in the capital and plan for the trek ahead. There are two options available for this trek to the base of Mt. Everest. One is boarding a bus to reach Jiri and starting to walk from here. The ride is of 07 hours, and remember, this adds 5-7 seven days of other trekking. The most popular and easy way for this trek is to board the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla.

You will be flying in a small prop plane from Kathmandu to Lukla(LUA). This flight is an adventure on its own with turbulence and a fulfilling aviation experience as you view the world’s highest mountains from the seat of your plane. Tenzing Hillary Airport is the official name given to Lukla airport, and it is titled “most dangerous airport in the world.” Trek to Everest commences from Lukla and ends at Khumbu Icefall.

Should I be worried? How dangerous is Everest Base Camp Trek 2022?

Frostbite and rock slides during the trek are problematic on their own and what adds more complication is, of course, the higher elevation. Acute Mountain Sickness is common, but it depends on your preparation and how well your body adapts to this high altitude. Some common symptoms of acute mountain sickness are severe headache and nausea. If you are getting any symptoms of AMS, then the best and first thing to do is ascend to lower elevations. This helps your body adapt to low altitudes and minimises the effect of Acute Mountain Sickness.

Everest Base Camp

Gaining more than 500 meters in a day is usually not advisable. And you need to take a nice rest for every 1000 meters you earned. Descend to lower elevation but not ascend to higher points during your daily trek.

As elevation rises, the air gets thin, increasing the overall risk of AMS and other dangers in the mountainous region. During the trek, our body naturally increases its production of red blood cells, causing more urination. So, please drink plenty of water during the tour to avoid dehydration. Many during the trek experience dry Khumbu cough resulting from heavy panting in thin air and breathing dust simultaneously. Please cover your face with a scarf or bandanna or balaclava for some much-needed protection from UV rays and dust clouds. Do remember UV rays are more harmful and active in the thin air of mountains. You can protect your skin by applying high SPF sunscreen and lip balms, wearing long sleeves, and your lens partner for the trek.

Finally, yak trains always have priority! Always pass them on the “inside” of the trail and never share a bridge crossing with them. Yaks that have been startled can be unpredictable and throw hikers off the track.

Everest Base Camp 2022

Some additional Tips

  • Take snacks seriously when you’re stocking up. Bring some if you don’t usually indulge in candy bars at home. At higher elevations, you’ll have significant desires. Near Everest Base Camp, hikers are willing to pay $7 or more for Snickers bars!
  • The weather in the Himalayas is erratic and unpredictably changing. Flights to and from Lukla are frequently delayed by a day or two and maybe longer if a winter storm system approaches. In case this happens, add some extra days to your Kathmandu itinerary.
  • Before going to bed, ask your teahouse workers to fill your bottles with boiling water so you may use them as bed warmers. Fair warning: They’ll most likely be frozen next to you in the morning!
  • Sleep with your phone and any spare batteries in your bed, and your body heat will help extend the battery life.
  • The weight restrictions imposed by airlines flying to Lukla are strictly adhered to. If an airline specifies 33 pounds (15 kilos), this covers all stowed and carrying luggage. Don’t risk having to give up luggage at Kathmandu Airport because you went above the weight limit by a pound or two. Within reason, you can stuff some goods into your pockets.

So, come and join Everest Base Camp Trek with Tripura Travelcations this season.