What is Yoga?

Nepal’s setting is so that anyone looking for the best yoga activities in Nepal won’t be disappointed. The cherry on top of your incredible journey is Tripura Travelcations get to manage all logistics so that you can create memories to cherish for lifelong. The word Yoga is nothing new to most of you. As the world slowly shifts in finding new ways of getting healthy, Yoga is getting more popular and reaching more places around the globe. Yoga is the old practice of purifying, rejuvenating and cleaning three parts of our existence, which are physical, spiritual and mental.

Best Yoga activities in Nepal

In ancient times, sages practised Yoga to take command of their physical, psychological and spiritual state. However, these days, people do Yoga to relax, get some energy, and be healthy. In the 1980s, Yoga got some limelight it deserved in the Western world and is seen in a more developed form today. But in the case of Nepal, Yoga and Meditation were already in the air; it is just that research that could have been done on Yoga and its dimension limited us.

Yoga and Nepal

Nepal rewards its visitors with the fantastic setting of snowy mountains, green hills, and thousands of things. In a more vast sense, Yoga is the way to practice cleanliness and the method of finding our origin. And all the great environments in Nepal’s mountains, hills, and rivers make any Yoga more enjoyable and wholesome. If you have some Yoga ideas, then any place near mountains, hills, or rivers in Nepal can be your Yoga retreat.

Best Yoga activities in Nepal

Yoga combines different things meant to be done correctly for better results. The postures, breathing techniques, Meditation, and mantra chanting are just a few techniques for a fulfilling yoga experience. And, please do remember, Yoga will show results if done continuously and consistently. Yoga and Meditation are other combined techniques to reach a different form of salvation. Hence, the best part is everything is doable and has been done before.

The clean, serene mountains and spiritual magic of Hinduism and Buddhism make Nepal welcoming for any seeking rich Yoga here in this part of the world. Therefore, if you are searching for inner salvation or a lovely natural setting to practice different sets of Yoga, please come to Nepal and book the best Yoga treks with Tripura Travelcations.

04 Best Yoga activities in Nepal

Different Yoga activities are available to meet the varied demands of people. Please check out the 05 Best Yoga activities in Nepal.

  • Yoga Treks
  • Meditation & Yoga Hikes
  • Yoga classes near you
  • Meet our Yoga teacher

Any Yoga activity naturally requires a healthy experienced Yoga guru. The idea, experience, and technique taught by a Yoga guru make you more comfortable with the Yoga world. Taking Yoga classes in a confined best yoga retreat in Nepal is also an experience to gather, but what’s best is going for the multi-day trekking and doing Yoga during the trek with the Yoga teacher.

Best yoga retreat in Nepal, which we feature

Spiritual Yoga Trek to Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek is one popular yoga trek experience in Nepal. During this journey to Everest, we do Yoga on the way, which is an entirely natural setting where our yoga guru guides us. E.B.C. Yoga trek is a whole experience as we get a lot of excitement and enjoyment doing Yoga treks in the lap of Mt. Everest. Similarly, the spiritual Yoga Trek to Everest Base Camp of Tripura Travelcations assures friendly accommodation, food, an experienced Yoga guru and other necessary logistics. While you stretch your arms for your yoga pose, beholding the majesty served by mammoth mountains, the feeling you get is serene.

Upper Mustang Yoga Trek

Once a hidden kingdom in the Annapurna region of Nepal, Mustang has a lot to offer its visitors. Dry terrains, beautiful landscapes, monasteries, and vibrant countryside. And you doing Yoga matching the energy of the place is not your daily occurrence. Fresh cool air, huge rocks, and unfolding beauty rendered by the fantastic setting of Mustang are what you are getting to see and experience during the trekking journey. Upper Mustang Yoga Trek of Tripura Travelcations guarantees you hassle less well-thought-out and memorable trip to do Yoga in the lap of the Himalayas.

Annapurna Yoga & Luxury Tour

Annapurna and its stories never disappoint. The scenic setting of snowy mountains with all green and colourful foreground, birds lullaby and out-of-the-world sunrise and sunset allures any. Imagine you practising poses as mind-settling sunrise unwraps striking snowy mountains, thus creating dazzling golden light. Life runs with never-ending deadlines, so please take a long break, and plan Annapurna Yoga & Luxury Tour with Tripura Travelcations.

Besides these fantastic long yoga trek retreats, if you wish to do Yoga near you, then we are here to help. We do organize short Kathmandu yoga hikes.

Yoga Hikes, Best Yoga activities in Nepal

Shivapuri Yoga Hike

In Shivapuri Yoga Hike, you reach an altitude of 2540m on top of Shivapuri Hill and do some yoga in a peaceful setting. Shivapuri is a fantastic, enriching, and fulfilling incorporation of culture and equally serves a wholesome wilderness experience. Shivapuri National Park is a significant watershed area with subtropical temperate dominance. The best part of Shivapuri is that it is near Kathmandu and offers some healthy and worthy hiking experiences. And this whole hiking experience accompanied by yoga experience is not to be missed by any.

Yoga Class near me

Nagarkot Yoga Hike

Nagarkot Yoga Hike of Tripura Travelcations is your best escape from the hustle and bustle of cities and never-ending deadlines. Suppose you are running on tight schedules and wish to take that much-needed natural break. In that case, hiking and doing Yoga with our well-experienced Yoga guru in the lovely morning mountain golden sunrise setting of Nagarkot is all you need. In addition, breathing fresh air and practising yoga keep you healthy and, more importantly, creates memories to cherish lifelong. Nagarkot offers an awe-inspiring immersive view of lush forest and makes you religious as you travel, looking and paying homage to different Hindu temples. Tripura Travelcations takes care of everything necessary for a smooth Nagarkot Yoga Hike experience.

Champadevi Hiking

Champadevi Yoga Hiking is one popular hiking near Kathmandu. This is the third-highest hill around Kathmandu valley at an altitude of 2278 meters above sea level. It is indeed one of the best hiking experiences in Kathmandu to behold the beautiful view of Mt. Everest, Ganesh Himal, Annapurna mountains, Langtang, Gaurishankar and other accompanying mountains. Hiking is pleasure in eyes and wholesome in experience. In the fantastic setting of Champadevi, you doing yoga poses is enjoyable by all means.

Before going on a yoga journey, here of Best Yoga activities in Nepal. It is generally okay to have some basic idea of the types of Yoga.

Styles of Yoga

Different kinds of Yoga styles are seen being practised around the globe. These various types of Yoga affect other dimensions of our human body and keep you healthy and fit.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word that means “to place in a specific way,” in this example, Yoga poses. This Yoga is typically regarded as the most athletic form of Yoga. In the 1980s, ashtanga yoga was converted into vinyasa yoga. Moreover, many styles of Yoga, such as ashtanga, power yoga, and pranayama, can be classified as vinyasa flows.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha is a Sanskrit phrase that refers to all of Yoga’s physical postures and all other kinds of Yoga (ashtanga, Iyengar, and so on) based on a physical practice in the West. There are, however, different branches of Yoga, such as kriya, raja, and karma yoga, that are distinct from the physical yoga practice. Most importantly, the most popular type of Yoga is physical Yoga, which comes in various styles.

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga is a type of Yoga that originated in India. B.K.S. and Iyengar invented Iyengar yoga, emphasizing alignment and detailed and exact movements. Students in an Iyengar class practice a range of postures while managing their breathing.

Ashtanga Yoga

“Eight Limb Path” is how ashtanga is translated in Sanskrit. People assemble in Mysore, India, to practice this kind of Yoga together at their own pace; if you see Mysore-led ashtanga, you should know the series. Vinyasa yoga is a fluid style of Yoga that connects breath and movement, and it evolved from ashtanga yoga.

From all types of Yoga, you choose what suits you, and your choosing yoga styles depend on what results you want from the time and effort you give to the body.

There are more than 04 types of yoga practices globally, and learning Yoga can be challenging when done in the comfort of your home without the help of a Yoga Guru. So, Tripura is again here to help as we have curated the best Yoga Studios in Kathmandu. Please check out:

Yoga classes near you

Mandala Yoga & Spa

Mandala Yoga & Spa lies in Thamel’s heart with a pedestrian street named Mandala Street. The yoga studio is clean and modern and runs morning and afternoon classes, and you can even treat yourselves to a massage, spa and sauna. Therefore this is the number one recommendation of Tripura Travelcation for the yoga class in Kathmandu.

Nepal Yoga Academy

Nepal Yoga Academy is the only Yoga academy in Nepal teaching Sanatan Yoga System. Sanatan Yoga is a rhythmic style of Hatha Yoga. They offer yoga teacher training, and most of the yoga training is done out of the valley.

Pranamaya Yoga

Pranamaya Yoga is in three places here in Nepal. They operate from three areas which are Thamel, Patan and Pokhara. Pranamaya Yoga renders a range-of friendly, excellent class for beginners and experts alike.

For your relief, they even have yoga classes for children. Moreover, they have weekend retreats, meditation and training classes.

Kathmandu Centre for Healing

Kathmandu Centre for Healing is on Swaymbhunath road and lies in a fantastic green setting. You can walk in a green environment and attend scheduled classes, and this centre focuses more non the healing part of Yoga. If you are looking for a 200hr International Yoga Alliance teacher training course, you can get this training from Kathmandu Center for Healing.

Charak Yoga

Charak Yoga Studio is old and recently renovated and has a small space in central Thamel. It has a yoga teacher offering three classes per day along. Both residential and non-residential yoga teacher trains and make people do Yoga. Therefore, Charak Yoga Studio can be one of the Best Yoga activities in Nepal.

Tripura Travelcations has all good logistics to ensure that your fantastic journey becomes memories, and memories become stories to share with forthcoming. So, come and join Best Yoga Activities in Nepal with us. You buzz us; we are here to give the worth of time and money, promising you error-less yoga trek, hike and even yoga classes.

Meet the Teacher

Dr Nivedita Pradhan

Yoga Anatomy & Physiology Teacher | Sanatana Hatha Yoga Instructor

Yoga Class near me

Nivedita was born in the lap mountains of Tansen, which lies in the sacred land of Ruru Kshetra, district of Lumbini, Nepal, the very birthplace of Lord Buddha. Her childhood was surrounded by ancient mantras and a spiritual foundation guided by her father. Later, Ms Ranu Gurung Kaskshyapti became her role model on the journey to spirituality, who was also her principal.

With a bachelor’s degree in Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.), Nivedita possesses a profound base in human anatomy and physiology. She has continually increased her expertise in Yoga Anatomy. Her yoga session mainly includes lessons on how current science and yogic philosophy are intricately intertwined. Currently, she works with Yoga academies for teacher training and retreats. At the same time, you can also take private lessons upon request. She has been advocating classroom yoga for children in various schools around the country and globally. “I conceptualized chair yoga as a simple technique to help students spend long hours to ease the tension acquired over maintaining the same posture for prolonged classroom hours. Only by maintaining correct posture and mindful breathing techniques in the chair can children explore the greater potentials in their academic aspect along with their holistic development,” says Dr Pradhan.

Nivedita is a nature enthusiast who spends part of her time exploring Nepal’s hills and mountains. Therefore, in collaboration with Tripura Travels, she initiated an exhilarating Yoga Trek to Annapurna Base Camp, followed by yoga hikes to several hills of Kathmandu valley.

In addition, Dr Nivedita Pradhan is a Registered Yoga Teacher (R.Y.T.) with Yoga Alliance which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with an approved and active Registered Yoga School (R.Y.S.).