Nepal comes on the list of one of the most famous tourist destinations globally. There are no words to honestly describe Nepal’s natural wonders. Additionally, the grandeur of the snowy Himalayan peaks is globally famous. Thus, the thousands of rivers, breathtaking valleys, vibrant villages, and fantastic flora and fauna are brought together by the power of nature. It truly shows you what magical beauty looks like. On the other hand, all these qualities give Nepal an edge for camping and trekking adventures. However, before going off-road, there are some essential things to keep in mind to make your camping memorable, comfortable, and safe. Let’s see the best place to camping places in Nepal.

Best place to camping in Nepal 

March-May and September-November are ideal times for camping in Nepal. September is the end of the rainy season. The climate is a cool, clear sky, and the best time to pass. The few parts of the city can be dusty, but the mountainous areas have the ideal temperature and atmosphere.  The panoramic view of the green vegetation and the high mountain peaks is breathtaking.

Best Camping Locations in Nepal

The places we will mention below are the most preferred camping places in Nepal. Gurjebhanjyang-Suryachaur, Nagarkot, Shivapuri National Park, Chitlang-Markhu-Kulekhani village, Balthali village, and Lapsiphedi are some of the exotic camping spots. Such beautiful settings may make it difficult to decide where to go, so here’s a rundown of everything the area offers.



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Nagarkot is a beautiful destination with a view of eight popular Himalayan ranges in Nepal. The spectacular view of the mountains during sunrise and sunset from this location is amazing. This is the reason Nagarkot has risen to the top of Tripura Travelcation’s list. This village is located on a ridge at an elevation which is about 2,195 meters. Nagarkot offers many hiking trails running through the woods, making it ideal for an exciting camping getaway as well. The weather is always pleasant in Nagarkot. Nagarkot is also the home of many Hindu temples which makes it a popular pilgrimage destination.



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Blessed with clean lakes and breathtaking landscapes, the metropolis of Pokhara is the perfect example of beauty.  Pokhara is also known as the city of lakes because it has 7 different lakes which are declared as the Ramsar site. The fascinating landscapes, amazing people, and clean neighbourhood brings Pokhara to our second list of best camping places in Nepal.  You can see Annapurna Mountains very close to Pokhara and When the sun shines on the snow-capped peaks of Annapurna you can experience the most romantic sunrises and sunsets. Thus, the quiet atmosphere of this place is an ideal place to try out adventure sports such as camping and paragliding.




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Meanwhile, in Illam you can see Green tea leaves planted everywhere on the steep hills. You can see the panoramic view of the beautiful place as you enter the city of Ilam. Locate in the easter part of Nepal Illam is in the fool hills of Mahabharat Range. In fact, the first sunrise of the country can be seen from the Illam. The mysterious beauty adorned with alpine forests, pristine rivers, and clear skies make Illam heaven. Truly, the district has a glimpse of Nepalese culture, and the locals are very kind.




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Lapsiphedi village, now a popular hill station, is only 20 kilometers from Kathmandu Valley, nestled among verdant tea gardens. This place offers the vibrant Nepali Tamang culture and traditions. It is also one of the beautiful places to hike, with the view of the snow-covered Langtang mountain range running alongside you. Several spots in this village offer the most breathtaking sunset and sunrise views. Hiking in this terrain will be challenging, but the mouth-watering delicacies made in traditional style at the end will be well worth the effort.


Balthali Village


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On a plateau far from the hustle and bustle of the modern city is the quiet village of Balthali. It is located in central Nepal, about 32 km from the Kathmandu Valley. Dotted lush forests and blooming rice fields makes Balthali a popular destination for campers and hikers. This place offers a breathtaking view of the fascinating landscape of the Mahabharat Mountains and is close to many Buddhist temples. From this place, you can go trekking to Namobuddha- one of the sacred Buddhist sites.


Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park 


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The Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park is located on the northern hills of Kathmandu. It is 12 kilometers away from Kathmandu’s main town. It is also known as one of Nepal’s most famous natural retreats. The panoramic views of the massive Himalayas and the secluded location away from the hustle and bustle of the cities make it ideal for camping and a variety of other activities. Adventure seekers will be delighted by the park’s numerous trekking and hiking trails. It will be thrilling to make your way through the silent forests, and at the end of your journey, you will be able to see the vast Kathmandu Valley beneath. The National Park is also home to various native birds and endemic flora species that live carefree in their natural habitat.




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Suryachaur Hill’s mesmerizing setting is ideal for experiencing rural vibes. In addition, Suryachaur located at an elevation of 2100 meters in the Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park. It is an unspoiled camping spot with a bird’s eye view of the Thangshing Valley. Thanhshing valley is just located below and the Ganesh Himal range. Therefore, you must first cross the Gurje Bhanjyang pass to get to this hill. The autumn and winter seasons are the best times to visit because the mountains are hidden behind clouds.  So it means there are no clear skies in the other seasons.


Chitlang-Markhu-Kulekhani Village


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There are three adjacent villages to the south of Nepal such as Citlang, Markh, and Kulekhani. Camping in these colorful mountain villages, known for their vast organic farming and wild goat cheese. In the same time it rejuvenates your soul and connects you to nature. You can climb the dusty road for stunning views of the cable car. The warm and cozy gestures of the place bring a smile to your tired face, and also the fascinating beauty of the landscape relieves your stress. You can finish your trip by visiting the magnificent architecture of Klekanidam or boating in the waters of Lake Indrasarobar.


Lele Village


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The quiet village of Lele is located in a small valley away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is just away 24 km from the capital city Kathmandu. With rice terrace farming on hills and rivers flowing through the valley, in fact Lele paints the perfect holiday hideaway. Lele village is now a popular tourist destination for camping and and also for trekking against the backdrop of the majestic Mountains. In addition ,there are also countless temples.




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As you enter the lovely hamlet of Kakani, you are greeted by bushes of bright red strawberries. The lush alpine forests of this hill station, located at an elevation of 2030 m in the Bagmati Zone of Central Nepal. It truly have drawn many campers and hikers worldwide. There is no better place to go bird watching than in the open sky, with birds flying around. Aside from its vibrant wildlife, Kakani village is also known for its breathtaking views of Langtang, Ganesh Himal, and other mountain ranges.


Camping tips in Nepal 

  • It’s important to pack clothes appropriately to enjoy your time spent camping without being uncomfortable.
  • Limit the use of plastic bags to protect nature.
  • Avoid having your device with you. It will give you a more fulfilling experience.
  • Dispose of garbage properly and do not throw it away.
  • Be a responsible tourist and do not spoil the beauty of the place.
  • Always carry enough water
  • Do not attract wild animals
  • Be sure to turn off the campfire before leaving the site.


Camping in Nepal will be a blissful experience for everyone. It takes you to the pinnacle of tranquillity and lets you appreciate the beauty of nature. The Himalayas have fascinating views, sublime sunsets and sunrises, scenic rice fields, and deep dark forests with dazzling streams. What more can travelers want?