Eating a hot plate of the best Momo in Kathmandu on a chilly winter day is gratifying. While it is also enjoyable on other days, Momo makes more sense in the winter. However, as Momo is a dish offered by practically all restaurants, the question of where to get Momo also arises in everyone’s thoughts. In addition, it can be challenging to choose a Momo business in the valley because there are so many of them.

What are Momos?

Momos are steamed dumplings popular throughout the Himalayan nations and were developed in South Asia. They are indigenous to India, Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan (particularly the Himalayan regions like Sikkim State). Momos are typically filled with moist minced meat, paneer, or gently spiced vegetables, similar to Chinese baozi and Japanese gyoza. A mucktoo is used to steam the filling after putting it into a pliable dough. And they are formed into a crescent or a ball with a crimped or wrapped edge. The small, delicious delights are often served on ten-piece plates and make the perfect comfort food.

The following list of 14 Momo restaurants in Kathmandu will make you want to return time and time:

1. Everest Momo

This Momo shop in Naxal was arguably the most popular a decade ago. For food, there would be a line. The Momo is still delicious even though the restaurant no longer serves Momos with the same flavour as it did in the past. Compared to other places, momo is pricey here. Is the cost justified? You’ll have to make an effort to determine for yourself.

2. Narayan Daiko Masangalliko Famous Momo

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It is evident from the name that this location is well-known. The shop is considered by many to be more than just a Momo shop; it is a legacy that has existed for more than 50 years. The eatery, which was started in Masangalli, a neighbourhood near Jhochhen, also has locations in Ratopool, Putalisadak, and Basantapur. Their vegetarian Momo with paneer is also pretty tasty, and their buff Momo is juicy and flavorful. When the sauce is on point, the restaurant’s Momo is delicious, albeit it can sometimes be a little erratic.

3. Shandar Momo : Best jhol momo in Kathmandu

best momo place in kathmandu


Shandar Momo is a different traditional Momo restaurant that is just as delicious, if not better. There is no sitting arrangement here, unlike Narayan Dai’s. Take a tapari, go outside, and eat anywhere you like at this restaurant close to Suraj Arcade. You’ll want another serving since its Momo is so filling. Make sure to visit the Shandar Momos near Suraj Arcade because plenty is in the valley. Make sure to fill the tapari with both sauces, according to a pro suggestion.

4. Royal Saino Restaurant and Bar 

Momo in Kathmandu


Don’t you adore plates of Momo? The fried, steamed, kothey, and spicy Momo are all served on the same tray. Yummy! Particularly popular among patrons at Royal Saino in Durbar Marg is the Momo platter.

You can eat all of the Momos with a total of fourteen pieces. The vegetarian platter is the way to go, and they come with fillings, including peanut paneer, mushroom, and garlic cheese chilli.

5. Ghangri Café (Open Momo) 

best momo place in kathmandu

Although not everyone enjoys open Momos, we believe everyone should try them at least once. The most OK location to try is probably the Ghangri Café in Jamsikhel, Lalitpur. Your fillings are visible at the place because the Momos are open. The dish is served with three chutneys: sweet, spicy, and sour, and it is both exciting and tasty. Let the various flavours of Momo’s three sauces mix in your mouth.

6. The Ship Restaurant Bar & Lounge

Since they are so good, you will gladly return for more Momos at Thamel’s The Ship Restaurant Bar & Lounge. The momo looks so appealing due to the restaurant’s momo presentation. You will get the best service and enjoy momo in a good environment.

The vegetarian Momos are as popular as buff, chicken, and pork. We only wish they had given us spoons to scoop up the remains of the sauce served with various spices.

7. New Swadilo Momo 

best momo place in kathmandu

The best of the bunch is most likely this. Despite being less than 100 meters from QFX Kumari, we haven’t noticed it being empty. One can only imagine how crowded it gets when it regularly runs out of Momos at 4 p.m. The Momo is juicy, and the broth is delicious. It looks pretty clean and is also quite hygienic. What are you waiting for if you haven’t already been here?

8. Momo Magic

Momo in Kathmandu

In Maharajgunj, next to the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Momo Magic is one of the valley’s underrated Momo eateries. Its thin bread, the delectable filling, and the hot chutney make the establishment worthwhile. It offers all three options (chicken, beef, and vegetables), but if you’re a vegetarian, get there by 2 p.m. because they frequently run out of stock.

9. Bagmati Sweets

Many Momo shops offer tasty non-vegetarian Momo, but relatively few just provide vegetarian options. One restaurant in Tripureshwor that offers tantalizing paneer Momos and a delicious tomato pickle is Bagmati Sweets. Like Momo Magic, go there around 2:00 if you want to have some lovely paneer Momos. The best part of Bagmati sweets is they serve only at midday, and the momo is pretty fresh.

10. Jazz Upstairs

best momo place in kathmandu

Jazz upstairs at Lazimpat Rd served the best momos in town. It has delicious chicken, cheese, and buff Momos. But the pork Momo here is what sticks out. It is tasty, juicy, and meaty. Jazz has thin dough, just like Momo Magic’s Momo, and its accompanying sauce is excellent. You have choices because it is available in kothey and soup varieties.

11. Boso Rahit Momo : Best momo restaurant in Kathmandu

Momo in Kathmandu

Although Boso Rahit contains fat, it is undoubtedly excellent. Pulchok is home to one of Kathmandu’s most well-known Momo locations. Unlike several famous restaurants, it offers vegetarian and chicken options, but its signature buff Momo is incomparable. We are confident that you will consume at least a few plates before departing.

12. Bangalamukhi Momo

best momo place in kathmandu

You could assume that this is a vegetarian restaurant and rest confident that it isn’t. The size of the buff Momos is highly substantial, and the sauce is pretty reliable. Another chutney exists, and it’s also highly intriguing. Similar to buff Momos, the eatery in Patan Dhoka also serves chicken Momos. We suggest you go there before noon and after because during lunchtime there could be packed.

13. New Everest Momo Centre

best momo place in kathmandu

New Everest, a simple momo shop providing delectable momos, is located in Sorakhutte next to Amrit Science College. It only offers the buff Momo but sells more than 300 plates daily, so it must be delicious, right? It is a spot you must visit, served with a creamy and tasty sauce.

14. The Societe Lounge Bar

Momo in Kathmandu

The pasta Momos at The Societe Lounge Bar in Hattisar are unique for Momo fans to experience. The pasta Momo combines the two best foods: Momo and pasta. The Societ Loung Bar serve you the best Momo in Kathmandu, topped with pasta. Grab a scoop of the utterly delectable combo of spaghetti and Momo. You might add chutney or tomato ketchup to your meal; both are best when consumed hot.


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